Our custom seat covers are Australian made

At The Seat Shop, our custom seat covers are Australian made from only the best and proven materials. We offer our customers a diverse selection of high-quality seat covers, custom-made to fit your vehicle, truck, or machine, cut and sewn to provide a perfect, slip-free fit for your seat.

Choose from a large range of seat cover materials too, including heavy-duty canvas, industrial black denim, and PCV covers as well as many others. We also keep an extensive selection of seat covers to fit popular equipment and machinery in stock so if you need it in a hurry, in many cases we can help you out fast. The Seat Shop also offers a logo embroidery service for a minimal fee.

Cross Fabric

If you want to keep your vehicle in tip top condition, ask us at The Seat Shop about cross fabric. Our custom made seat covers made from cross fabric protects car seats from spills, stains, dirt, and general wear and tear. Cross fabric is exactly what it says, fabric that features a cross pattern or design. A top choice for cars that get a big work out from the family or pets. A premium product that keeps your vehicle looking great.

Heavy-duty Canvas Seat Covers

For durability, comfort and easy maintenance, canvas seat covers tick all the boxes. Canvas seat covers are one of the most popular types of seat covers we make because they are less likely to rip or tear, are extremely durable and wrinkle free. If your seats are subject to constant exposure to dirt, dust or mud, canvas seat covers are recommended due to the materials durability, easy cleaning and maintenance.

Custom-fitted Seat Covers

Can’t find a seat cover that meets your requirements? At The Seat Shop our seat covers are custom made, so we can make and fit a cover to your specific measurements, cut and sewn to provide a perfect, slip free cover for any seat. Choose from a range of materials including canvas, industrial denim or PVC. Our team will work with you to determine what type of material is best for your application and vehicle.

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